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Who would have thought that big data, artificial intelligence, and smart devices would one day revolutionize agriculture to achieve yields unseen before in human history, whilst also significantly reducing environmental impacts and eliminating the strenuous and repetitive tasks of human labour?

With its extensive knowledge of agriculture and vast expertise in digital and robotics technologies, ERION offers tailor-made solutions that adapt to your reality and to your agricultural production challenges in order to increase yields while reducing your workload, your operating costs, and your environmental footprint.


did we create ERION?

  • To create a world in which hunger is ancient history, a thing of the past;
  • To limit the use of pesticides and herbicides harmful to human health and the environment;
  • To free humans from repetitive, exhausting and unrewarding work;
  • To unlock the full potential of arable land and production seasons;
  • To maximize renewable energy usage in agricultural machinery operation;
  • To enhance agricultural businesses by optimizing their efficiency and profitability.

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did we create ERION?

  • By rethinking farm vehicles to make them smaller and lighter;
  • By redefining and revolutionizing agricultural tasks and workflow;
  • By using the most powerful motorization and electrical technologies;
  • By exploiting artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart devices.


what is it?

  • A fully electric self-driving tractor-robot with remote navigation features;
  • Automated and functional farm tools installed on a tractor-robot;
  • Electrical systems that replace conventional hydraulic systems;
  • A self-driving vehicle-tool that significantly decreases soil compaction;
  • A technology that greatly reduces the need for farm labour.

rethinking the agricultural vehicle

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Big data

Thanks to its different sensors, the ERION self-driving tractor-robot is able to compile, archive, and communicate a multitude of data on plants, fruits, weeds, etc. to different operating and control systems, both on-board and external.

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Artificial intelligence

From the data set collected, our software and applications are able to identify the most appropriate treatment for each plant in your crop such as the irrigation dose needed on an individual basis and the ideal timing for harvesting.

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Smart device

Following the analysis of all available data, instructions for direct actions are transmitted to the ERION self-driving tractor-robot, which then applies them in the fields. Whether it is moving around in the environment or carrying out farm work such as weeding, irrigating, or harvesting, ERION performs its tasks with accuracy and alacrity.

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